Upcoming Events


NadOpasana - Smt. Geetha Chundi and students.
Sunday, 26th January 2020, 6:00pm To 7:30pm

Smt. Geetha Chundi and students.

NruthyOthsava – Dance Festival
Saturday, 22nd February 2020, 8:00am to 8:00pm

We welcome all the dance schools to participate. We try our best to give the opportunity for all the dancers on first come first serve basis. Please contact us at dance.krishnavrunda@gmail.com for further details.


Dear Devotees

We are planning to perform ‘ Sampoorna Gita Yajna’ on Saturday, June 13th while 1000 devotees are chanting the entire Gita. We’re requesting to YOU to be one of 1000 devotees.


We have about 6 Months from now to get prepared. We request you to chant the Gita Shlokas at least 10 times to become a fluent reader. We’re also very glad to assist you to lean the Gita Shlokas.

Please join our online FREE classes by emailing to skvgitaclasses@gmail.com


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