Spiritual Sundays


With the Grace of Lord Shri Krishna and blessings of His Holiness 1008 Shri Sugunendra Theertha Swamiji, we are pleased to bring to the community a series of sessions focused on personal growth and development.

Session Highlights :

  • Structured Curriculum - Beginner to Advanced - Sunday programs
  • Practical applicability - Learn from scholars and practitioners

Session Information :


Jeevana Dharma :

Gain an understanding of tradition and Hindu scriptures. Listen to talks on finding bliss in your daily life. Practice Meditation in an easy to follow manner. Beat the troubles and suffering of daily life. Leave refreshed. All are welcome.

Sanskrit for Adults :

Overcome the complexity or hesitancy to learn the world’s spiritual language. Swamiji calls it the world language. Taught by a proficient teacher, the session focuses on spoken Sanskrit and understanding the intricacies and fundamentals. Anyone above 18 is welcome to join this class.

Sanskrit for Kids and Teens :

Put your children on a solid foundation by enrolling them during their formative years. They gain the proficiency at an early age helping them become conversant with communication and learning in Sanskrit. Minimum age 9 yrs.

Sandhya Vandana :

Following the teachings of Rig and Yajur Veda learn the components, rituals, and procedure for performing Sandhya Vandana. Particularly suited towards Smartha, Madhwa and SriVaishnava traditions.

Slokas for Kids and Teens :

Easy to follow and recitation of god’s Gospel – The Bhagavad Geeta

Bhajan Lessons :

Especially for women, learn from professional teachers devotional bhajans and fulfill your desire of offering your voice to the Lord.

Dharma Tradition - An interactive time for Kids & Teens in English :

While you are pursuing your development, allow your kids to learn about our tradition and history.

3 pm to 4pm4pm to 5pm

5pm to 6pm

Sanskrit Class – Adults (men and women)

Age group: 18yrs+

Jeevana Dharma – Adults (men and women)

Age group: 18yrs+

Bhajan Lessons – Adults (women)

Age group: 18yrs+

Sandhya Vandana Procedures

Dharma Tradition & History : 

An interactive time for Kids & Teens in English

Sanskrit Class – Kids and Teens

Age group: 9 to 18

Bhagavad Geeta Slokas – Kids and Teens

Age group: 6 to 18

Send email to skvclasses@gmail.com with name, email, phone, desired session ASAP!!!