Temple Rules


General Rules

Temple operates promptly between 6:30 AM and 8:30 PM daily.
  • Park your vehicles in designated areas within the temple property. SRCF does not assume any responsibility for vehicles parked on the premises.
  • Appropriate attire is suggested in the Puja hall. As this is a place of worship, devotees are requested to abide by the following dress code. All clothing must cover shoulders and knees. The dresses like shorts, short skirts, ripped or truncated jeans or sleeveless shirts etc are not advisable (children exempt).
  • NO photo or video with cameras or cell phones.
  • Keep your shoes on the shoe rack and your jacket on a hanger in the cloakroom down the hallway to the left.
  • You are responsible for your personal belongings.
  • Children must be kept under constant supervision of responsible adults inside the building at all times. Diapers to be changed in the rest room only.
  • All area must be kept tidy and clean.
  • Inside the temple keep the noise level to the minimum. Walk in an orderly fashion and do not run.
  • Smoking, outside food, alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages will NOT be allowed in the temple property.
  • Pets will NOT be allowed in the temple property.
  • Visit the front desk for sevas, volunteer service or any questions.
  • Avoid standing/grouping in the parking lot or lawns and please disperse quickly.
  • Devotees shall conform to all rules, regulations and customs established by SRCF at all times.

Rules for Pooja Hall

Please maintain silence and be sensitive to those around you wishing to pray quietly.
  • Please turn off all cell phones or place them in silent mode.
  • Please do not allow your children to run around, play or cause distraction to other devotees. Please attend to crying children immediately by taking them outside the Puja hall.
  • Do not litter, eat or chew gum.
  • Seva receipts can be obtained at the front desk in the main hallway.
  • Dress code- Compulsory dhoti while reciting Veda mantras.
  • Please make use of the printouts at the back of the Puja hall for shloka and song recitations. Return them promptly after use.
  • Please form a line after the Puja to receive Theertha and Prasaada. Likewise, form a line outside the dining area and wait to be seated in an orderly way.

Rules for Prasada Hall

No Prasaada on Ekadashi (day of fasting).
  • Please comply with the Prasaada timings. Serving will close at 1:00PM and again at 8:00PM.
  • Please do not waste any Prasaada.
  • Dispose off used plates in waste receptacles. Empty cups before disposing them in the waste receptacles.
  • Please form a line to use the rest room to wash your hands.

Rules for Restroom

Place soiled diapers in separately marked waste receptacles in the rest room.
  • Dispose tissues in waste receptacles.
  • Use supplies such as to avoid wastage.