Dear Devotees,


With Krishna's grace, we are doing our best to stay connected even during these challenging times. We are leveraging all forms of communication - email, social media, and of course the traditional phone calling to be responsive to you.

We are now taking it a step further - starting today you can have access to a simple mobile application interface that can be set up on your iPhone or Android device. Through this interface, you can have a virtual darshan of our Saligrama Krishna, look at the events for the day and month, sponsor any sevas, and use the links to join our sessions like Gita and Jeevana Dharma.

We will continue to evolve but this is an initial step to give you further access in a simple way.

Please click on the link below to access the interface and follow the simple instructions in the attached document to add an icon to your home screen. We are keeping it simple and not making you download an app from the Apple AppStore or the Android Playstore. Just click on the link and add an icon and start interacting!