NruthyOthsava 2017


|| Jayathi Harirachinthyah ||


By the Grace of Lord Shri Krishna, and Blessings from His Holiness 1008 Sri Sugunendra Theertha Swamiji, we are glad to offer Annual 'NruthyOthsava' celebrations, and seva offerings to Lord Nataraja (Lord of Dance) at Shri Krishna Vrundavana, NJ on Saturday, February 25th 2017 – “Mahashivarathri” weekend celebration.


Shri Krishna Vrundavana has become a hub for celebrating, and sustaining the spiritual, religious, and cultural traditions of the Indian subcontinent. The temple provides a platform for all Bhaktas to offer their ‘Seva’ to the lord almighty, in their varied capacities, be it Music, Dance, Shloka chanting, etc.


'NrthyOthsava - 2017' – is a devotional dance festival. It provides a unique opportunity for dancers to perform at "Ananda Theertha Mandapam" – a state of the art dance theater, on the auspicious day of "Mahashivarathri".


On the festive occasion of Mahashivarathri, Shri Krishna Vrundavana will also conduct various Pooja and offer prayers for the well being of all the temple devotees. The following Poojas will be conducted:

      • Dwadasha Linga Mandala Pooja,

      • Ekadasha Rudra Abhisheka,

      • Mruthyunjaya Homa,

      • AghOra Homa,

      • Laksha Mrutyunjaya Japa

      • RaakshOghna Homa


Shri Krishna Vrundavana cordially invites artists, and dance schools, to offer their Nruthya Seva to Lord Nataraja, and receive his blessings.